New Electoral Rolls Added To Genes Reunited

If you’re looking for a living relative, then Genes Reunited has just added UK Electoral Roll information for 2002-2013 to the site.

The Electoral Rolls list name, approximate age, address, and other occupants of the household between those years. Try searching for a first and last name to start with, and narrow your results by adding their place of birth or last known residence. If you don’t get enough results then try ticking the “name variants” box in case the name has been recorded under a different spelling.

If you’re searching for a missing family member or someone you’ve lost touch with, you may also want to check out the ‘Finding Living Relatives’ community board – Genes Reunited members provide tips and suggestions, and can also help support you through your journey.

To take advantage of this new addition you do have to be a member.

Happy Searching